Now, you may have seen me gloss over these huge parts of our driving day in the previous posts, and I’m going to continue doing the same throughout. It’s easy to look back and say, “we drove or 10 hours on crappy roads and eventually got to where we were heading”, but it is most assuredly not that simple when you’re actually doing it. Besides the fact that it is impossible to remember every occurrence on the road (numerous break downs, livestock dodging, rickshaw-sized potholes, overly interested bystanders, getting lost, people inviting us to have some tea while we’re doing 50KPH down the freeway, etc.), which happens in spades on a daily basis, it just simply wouldn’t made for very interesting reading (and I’d still be writing about day two right now, given the amount of info I’d have to compile). Because of this, I just write about the major things that happen each day, while allowing you to fill in the blanks with your own imagination.

Since most of you have never driven a rickshaw across India (or anywhere else for that matter) before, here’s a frame of reference: combine the longest international flight you’ve ever taken, and then add the worst roads you’ve ever driven on, and top it off with the most ramshackle, broken down, cramped, shock-less vehicle you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to ride in. Top it off with a ton of goats and cows, and then add people sitting in the middle of the road (at night). Now do that everyday for weeks on end. That’s us.


On another note, sorry for the lack of updates as of late…and the total lack of pictures during the entire rally. Have been trying my best to keep things flowing as steadily as possible, but there are times when it just isn’t possible, due to any number of reasons. Working on it!


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  1. Dennis on 13/10/2011 #

    Thanks for catching up!

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