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So, what we’re planning on doing is jumping into a comically underpowered vehicle which neither of us knows how to drive, cross the most dangerous roads in the world, travel the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range, and somehow, without having any GPS units or speaking the local languages, end up on the other side of the country roughly 2,000 miles later. Sounds like a great summer road trip, right?

“Why in the world are they doing this?”, you may have already understandably asked yourself. Well, for three main reasons actually:

  1. To raise money to support children in India through Rotary International’s Polio Plus Campaign and Mercy Corps’ Education and Training Initiatives
  2. To have the adventure of a lifetime
  3. The food

…in that order too. The journey will take us from the hills of Shillong in the east, through the lowlands of Nepal, and all the way to the deserts of Rajasthan.

The ‘Shaw

We will be doing this haul in one of the ubiquitous three-wheeled motor taxis, of the same type that can be found all over Southern Asia. These little babies crank out a maximum of seven horses worth of power and achieve a top speed of 40KPH or so (downhill, of course). They are highly unreliable, and frequently break down (every day or so). Neither of us are mechanics, so that will make things interesting.